Customer satisfaction - in their own words....

Our administrator is so impressed by the Cottage B painting and staff is reporting that it is effective in keeping residents from the doorway, he has told me to go ahead with Cottage C
— Director of Resident Services - Stratford, ON
Having a small reception area in our dental office limited our ability to decorate and make our patients feel welcome and at ease; Karen’s artistic ability transformed it into a warm and open space appreciated by both patients and staff. Both Karen and Brian were very professional and wonderful to work with....finishing on time and on estimate.”
— Dr. Karl Weselan
We the BSO Team are always looking for innovative ideas to effectively diminish or eliminate triggers of responsive behaviours....Creative Art Co to the rescue! ..the “camouflaging” effects of painting the end doors to create an illusion of a continuous wall has been effective in deterring disorientated or wandering residents (who are) less inclined to turn door handles or enter rooms. We’d like to thank both of you for your compassion, creativity, work ethic and professionalism. We are so pleased with the positive impact this has had on the residents. Thank you!
— BSO Team member London, ON
I just wanted to let you know that we have received many compliments about our elevator and the staff have already noted a significant reduction in exit seeking behaviours!
— RPN (Long Term Care Home)
"Karen and Brian have painted the doors of our reminiscing area and we have noticed a significant reduction of residents hanging around the doors trying to leave the home. Recently we had them come put up the interactive flower mural and the residents, family and staff are really enjoying it! It not only brightens up the hallway, but almost immediately after installation the residents were moving the flowers to the planter box, one woman stops several times a day to look at the panel with the field - her common expression is "Look at how lovely this is. Can we feed the deer later?".  She enjoys looking at all the panels and often reads the writing. Karen and Brian are professional and show a real commitment to bettering the lives of our residents with advanced dementias. Wouldn't hesitate recommending them! We wish we could have these displays on all our home areas!"
-Wendy Harris, R/TRO, Resident Support Services Mgr.    Arbour Heights, Kingston, ON
Karen and Brian painted a mural in our Centre Gallery area at Factory 163. It is on a brick wall in a large high-traffic space often used for public events. The scenic landscape has transformed a once “dead-end” corridor, into an imaginative porthole into another world. Passers-by are always drawn to the work, and often have to touch or look closely at the faux brick arch to determine whether it is real or painted! We couldn’t be happier with the work, and the detail and research which went into the painting - right down to native botanical species with the correct foliage and flowering times for each species of plant. Bravo! ‘.
— Janet Cox and Maryann Cox, Factory 163, Stratford
Brian and Karen of BKRC Art Effects (now Creative Art Co.) are wonderful to work with. The art work they created for our front door has reduced the frequency of wandering residents wanting to exit seek and has been the talk of the home from visitors and families because of the sheer beauty of the display
— Administrator LTC Home, St. Marys
We are excitedly looking forward to the new artwork. We are getting many, many compliments on the doors downstairs. We cannot thank you enough.”
— Director of Care, LTC Home, Cambridge