Rising with the Fall

We have always thought of the Fall season as a time for new beginnings!  Even though the leaves are falling from the trees and nature is winding down for a big sleep, Fall still brings to mind renewal.  As kids, we went to a new school grade, with new teacher, kneesocks,  shoes, and backpack.  As adults, we send the kids back with the aforementioned upgrades and we go back to work with a new resolve to tackle those big projects or with other plans for personal growth.

It is in this spirit that we re-launch our business as "Creative Art Co" (previously "BKRC Art Effects").  Since our inauguration we have grown in so many ways, branching out in all directions that have challenged our problem solving skills to the benefit  (we hope) of our much valued clientele.

That's where the Creative comes in.  Although you could say "creative" is inherent in every art project, we have had to find creative solutions to: 

  1. Disguise some 130 doors (can you believe there are never two the same!) in our "Exit Diversion" treatments for Memory Care floors of Long Term Care facilities.
  2. Develop Tub Room Imagery that not only visually soothes the resident in Memory Care but also orients them to the room and the activity about to take place.
  3. Develop a line of Way-finding signage (Memory M-AID) to help persons with Memory loss find important places and things in their homes in order to assist independent living.
  4. Decorate end-of-hall living spaces and other specialty rooms.
  5. Develop activities that engage residents of Long Term Care that also provide a pleasing visual backdrop to their living space. 
  6. Interpret our other commercial client's needs and visions - see the fabulous "Bruce Hotel" in Stratford Ontario  where we recreate a Map of the World circa 1564.

It has been a crazy 5 years and we are excited about what is to come.  As always, we would love to hear from you and invite you to sign up for our mailing list as we continue to "Make Art Work"!

An ALC Unit in an Ontario Hospital.  Here we provide a homelike atmosphere while reducing the impulse to exit-seek.  As the doors open inward, for the safety of residents, we have ensured that staff can see clearly into the unit (through the imagery) from the outside.  Alternative Care Units provide care for persons awaiting a Long Term Care or other permanent placement.  

Carla wall.jpg

The "Interactive Flower Mural"  provides colour, life and activity to a Memory Care Floor of a Long Term Care Facility.  Flowers are "picked" from holders behind the hand rail and placed in either the flower box or in an alternate wall hanger.  The last panel contains friendly wildlife.

Chest of drawers with Memory M-AID_edited-1.jpg

Memory M-AID® !!  These peel-and-stick decals leave no gooey residue or damage on stable surfaces.  Proven in a study by the Alzheimer Society of Hamilton and Halton (Ontario) to significantly improve the ability to find important places and things in the home and to significantly decrease responsive behaviours such as anxiety and frustration.  Designed to improve independent living, they also are a time-saver for outside and occasional support workers.