Exit Diversion in Special Care Units

Updated November 18, 2015



After over 150 door disguises, we have rarely found two doors the same!  In addition to this challenge, a special care floor (whether "Memory Care" Alzheimer residences or Behaviour units) in Long Term or Hospital will have different functional requirements and colour schemes.

The door pictured above is an installation rather than one our many "painted-from-scratch" designs.  Installed in a Behaviour Unit of a Hospital, it had to also satisfy fire regulations while still meeting a home-style aesthetic and serving the purpose intended - to divert the exit seeker. Here are the elements covered in this project:

1)  The bookcase design is heavy in appearance and the books are "busy" enough to divert attention away from a functioning door. 

2)  The image is pleasing, but not compelling;  with fretwork in front of the books, there is less likelihood of persons wanting to "interact" with it by              trying to access a book.

3)   The image is copied onto a hard-wearing, fire-rated aluminum composite with push bar remainingvisible to staff in case of fire.

4)   The material is also laminated to meet cleaning requirements.

5)   The windows, while covered in the design, still allow visibility into the unit from the outside.

6)   Points of impact - base of door - is covered with a clear, hard-wearing material to protect the design from carts and mobility devices.

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